Our Software Products

Our software products consist of 100% custom built scripts written in PHP, using MySQL databases, and running on the Linux OS. We also make full use of jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 technologies when possible. 

Our core software modules, which can be white-labeled upon request by customers, agencies and third parties consist of the following:

  1. Content Management System
  2. Custom Blog 
  3. Customer Relationship Manager
  4. Email & SMS Marketing Manager
  5. Facebook Photo & Video Contest Application
  6. Social Deals Application
  7. Social Media Monitoring System
  8. Surveys & Polls 
  9. E-commerce & Auctions
  10. Price Comparison Engine
  11. Live Chat
  12. Helpdesk Ticketing
  13. Knowledgebase

If you require any type of software system combining any of the modules above, please contact us for a custom quote.